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CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOPS OFFERED for workshop and reading costs

Monkeys in the Brain

•We will be learning about our own personal Monkeys in the Brain (Negative messages we tell ourselves).

•We will learn where these monkeys come from and what they do.

•We will create a list of affirmations for ourselves to help us when these monkeys in the brain are running wild.

Who Am I?

◦Learner’s will be able to reflect on the self using guided prompts.

◦Learners will learn about simile and metaphor.

But...I'm Not a Writer!

Learner’s will be able to think creatively through the five senses and complete a short poem using simile and metaphor.

Writing to Our Ancestors

Learner's will learn about trauma and what it does to the body and generations.

Learners will write a letter of gratitude to our ancestors.

But..I'm Not a Writer Part 2

◦Learner’s will be able to create a list poem! Yes a list can be a poem!

Don’t groan, it will be ok! Please get a piece of paper and a pen/pencil ready


Workshops can be tailored to the needs of the organization. The medium is writing. Writing is a therapeutic medium.


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